ATSI Call Center Award of Distinction

ATSI Award of Excellence FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              CONTACT:  Melanie Dixon Friday, June 30, 2017                                         (866) 896-2874   Outstanding Service Earns National Award Focus Telecommunications, Inc. wins ATSI Call Center Award of Distinction  Focus Telecommunications, Inc. of Eldersburg, MD has been honored with the prestigious 2017 ATSI Call Center Award of Distinction by the Association of […] Continue reading →

2017 SNUG Scholarship Awarded

snug_web_logo “The Startel National Users Group (SNUG) is pleased to announce that we are presenting a $1,500.00 Scholarship to Ashley Reandeau, for the 2017 fall semester at Carroll Community College.”  Ashley is a 21-year old student majoring in Elementary School Special Education; she wants to teach very young, special needs children.  “I will be able to […] Continue reading →

A Commitment for our Company

commitment Are we committed …to a cause? …to making a difference? …to improving lives? I stumbled over the following information as I was searching for something else online and condensed it enough to share with you on our blog. In 1942 (two years before I was born) Clarence Jordan founded Koinonia Farm, a small farming community […] Continue reading →

WSTA HOSTS Donna West Workshop

workshop-745012_960_720 WSTA HOSTS Donna West Workshop – Las Vegas July 12, 13, 2017 “Another FANTASTIC Workshop,” said Daphne, from Virginia, “I try not to miss anything you do, I always learn so much!”  Daphne was reiterating the general response of all the attendees at the recent Supervisor Workshop, Down the Rabbit Hole, held in Atlanta, Georgia […] Continue reading →

Listening Well Sends a Message

dog listening Good listening skills will improve your relationships with everyone, your family, your co-workers, your employer and the people you speak with on the phone.  Someone once said, “If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you make a very small package.”  How true that is!  Big-hearted people care about others. When you learn to be […] Continue reading →

Greatest Show On Earth

Greatest Show Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth, has closed their tent flaps!  One year ago, Feld Entertainment, Inc.  announced they would phase out the elephant acts in response to animal activists demands and the ticket sales declined to the point that the business was unsustainable.  Consumers have turned against what […] Continue reading →

Press Release

jim reandeau Jim Reandeau Elected President of Atlantic States Telephone Answering Association (ASTAA)   ASTAA is pleased to announce that Jim Reandeau has been elected and will be serving as President for the Board of Directors for 2017. Mr. Reandeau was selected because of his exceptional dedication and involvement in the business.  He has demonstrated service to others […] Continue reading →

Actor – Owner – Present

One part acting ability, one part ownership, one part being there, it all adds up to good job performance. Acting ability is needed for most jobs but especially when you are in the customer service department of a company.  Since our job is to provide customer service for many companies, we need to be especially […] Continue reading →

Live With Passion

Have you ever walked into a room where you didn’t know anyone, but were immediately drawn to someone who was in a conversation with others?  He or she may have been gesturing with their hands, or smiling broadly, their eyes were twinkling and clearly they were engaged in the conversation.  Suddenly you wanted to be […] Continue reading →
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